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Sportdriver promotion

Hi Racer,
Active driver we want to support, all in possession of a valid license can apply for the sport in our driver development. We then give to our entire members 10% discount sports rider. This may be Settled via your Local dealer, talk to us.
Everything you need to do: ^ ^
Application form to print, fill it out and, together with a copy of your license
Send by mail, fax, or e-mail to us. After you get your shop login data by e-mail, with this you can log, and our shop will show you all prices equal to 10% lower. Special rates are excluded from this regulation. Parts order will be quickly and easily. Next you get two stickers for your truck Schrems, you should stick to.
The team of Schrems Racing Parts is looking forward to your visit and registration. ^ ^ Registration -- H E R E -- .

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